Thank You For The Memories!


Unfortunately due to partnership dispute within the business, the majority owner Michael Mizejewski will be leaving Albany Xtreme Sports Park and returning the assets to Jeff Neet. Here is a message from Mike:

“It’s with a heavy heart I write this message, especially after the fantastic year we had, but unfortunately due to partnership dispute I must leave the Park.

When I had purchased the business back in December of 2013 I was overwhelmed with excitement. I had many dreams what it would become and how it would grow. I would like to thank you all for your dedication and making many of those dreams come true. Many of you dedicated much of your personal time and energy to the field without asking anything in return, and for that I am forever grateful. Many of you did not know me before I purchased the business, yet would come up to the booth or Facebook message me asking how they can help. I can not thank you enough!

It has not been an easy holiday season on me, these issues have been tolling on me for a long time but I choose to look on the brighter side of how this year has gone. It’s been an awesome year with many epic battles, camping shenanigans, and even more laughs. This being my 15th year in Paintball it was definitely the most fun and the most exciting. I laughed a lot, grew a lot, and learned even more and for those things I am forever grateful!

Thanks for everything!”

-Mike Mizejewski

Within the next 24 hours we will also be refunding all 2015 Season Passes.

Welcome to Albany Xtreme Sports Park!