Game Write-Up For ‘The Quest For The Holy Grail’ On May 3rd


The Sandbaggers Present: Grail IV
And Now for Something Completely Different!

Well, uh, mostly, or at least partly, in some places, where it was convenient.
If you don’t like it bugger off then!

General Info:
There will be two Teams RED and BLUE, each with a Queen / King (general).
Each King is free to build their command structure and forces as they wish to complete the mission blocks.
Players are encouraged to dress as a favorite character from the movie, with the following exceptions:
***Aurthur is reserved to the Queens/Kings for the Red and Blue teams.
***Benzin Bruder is Tim the Enchanter – please don’t wear the horns during play on the field.
There will be 3 Mission blocks.
Each mission block will be preceded by a “Joust”.
These contests will allow the winning team to choose between alternatives in the next mission block.
The Jousts will take place in the staging area.
Each team will provide the specified number of champions.
Additional details will be provided the day of the scenario.

Mission block 1: “So You Seek … A GRRRRRRRRRRAIL?”

Center flag pull

On the field will be 4 grails. They will be placed in the center of the causeway, the bridge of death, the maze and somewhere we will not tell you (ts – go find it). Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to capture the grails and bring as many as possible to your respawn. Good luck Mr. Phelps, or whatever your name is.

Each team will be divided up into four groups. Teams will deploy one group to each of three locations: the causeway, the bridge of death and the maze. The fourth group from each team will start at that team’s respawn.

Grails may only be moved by “live” players.
If a player is hit the grail must be dropped in place.
Any player may pick up and transport a grail.
Points are obtained by delivering a grail to respawn.
Once a grail is delivered to respawn it is no longer “in play”.

Players MUST start the game in the four assigned locations.
Once the game starts players may redeploy as they choose.

Each Grail delivered to respawn will be worth 50 points.

Mission Block 2: “But … I don’t like it!”

Rescue Prince Herbert

Each team will be tasked with rescuing and transporting Prince Herbert to the “wedding” at the opposite side tower. To accomplish this task you will need to move across Huge…Tracts of Land! (and probably under fire) Prince Herbert will be a white tyvek coverall suit stuffed with newspaper and some heavy stuff in the legs. He will also have a balloon for a head! (probably pink)

The rules? The details?
Well … I’ll tell you… [music]
FATHER: Not like that! Not like that! No, stop it!
He’s going to tell! He’s going to tell!
FATHER: Shut up!
He’s going to tell! He’s going to tell!
He’s going to tell! He’s going to tell!

There will be FOUR identical maps. At the start of the mission block each team will receive TWO maps. These maps will show:
• The location of both Prince Herberts
• The towers where each Prince Herbert must be delivered for his wedding.
• Multiple locations around the field (Pubs) where Prince Herbert can be taken to obtain additional points.

Rules for transport of Prince Herbert:
TWO players MUST be in contact with Prince Herbert in order to move him.
If a player carrying Prince Herbert is hit, the remaining player must stop in place until a second teammate can grab hold of Prince Herbert (appropriately, inappropriately … either way) at which time they may then continue to move.
Prince Herbert may be used as a shield – hits on Prince Herbert do not count.
If both players are hit Prince Herbert must be left in place.
The opposing team may not touch, move or place any items to obscure Prince Herbert.
The opposing team may defend that position.
The opposing team may shoot Prince Herbert in the head.

Important: Once Prince Herbert is delivered to the “Wedding” tower he may no longer be moved!

Rules for dropping “PUB” flags:
One of the two players transporting Prince Herbert must be within arm’s length (refs discretion) of the flag station before the flag may be dropped. Any player may drop the flag, so long as the “arm’s length” requirement is met.
Flags may only be dropped once and cannot be replaced.
Teams may not touch or interfere with the other teams flags.
Teams may defend flag positions to deny access.

Note – these PUB Flags will NOT be familiar iconic locations. They will be shown on the maps given to each team at the start of the mission. These will not be easy to locate without a map!

Delivery of Prince Herbert to the Wedding Tower………..75 points
Each Pub flag dropped…………………………………….20 points
Herbert is actually alive for the wedding (intact balloon)…40 points

Mission block 3 “Stick Yer Grail Where the Sun Don’t Shine”
(No, no, no! Not there! What is wrong with you? They go in plastic tubs with lids, you idiot!)

Each Team will begin the mission at their respawn with at least three grails. Five boxes (plastic tubs) will be placed on the field in various locations. Points are obtained by placing a grail in a box. The closer a box is to the opponents respawn, the higher the point value of placing a grail.

Grails will be clearly marked RED or BLUE.
Grails may only be moved by “live” players.
If a player is hit the grail must be dropped in place.
Player may ONLY move grails that belong to their team.
Opposing players may not touch or move an opponent’s grail; they may defend that position.
Points will be marked on the top of each box.
Once placed in a box the points are awarded; that grail is no longer “in play”.
A team may only place one grail in any single box.

We are still working on the points for this. Rest assured that we will make a decision prior to the start of the mission block. If we forget to announce it please remind us.

Side mission:

The 16 Ton Weight!

All right now, PAY ATTENTION! These are detailed rules. If you expect sweet victory you will need to understand and follow them!

On the field is a contraption shaped like a pyramid but with a flat top. This is (drum roll please)…. The 16 TON WEIGHT (abbreviated – STW)!
Under the STW is a briefcase.
The STW may only be lifted by use of the rope attached to the top of it.
Once a player has raised the STW off of the ground using the rope, a teammate may remove the briefcase.
If a player is shot out while holding the rope the STW must be returned to the ground (gently!); if the briefcase (at the discretion of the referee) is not completely free of the STW it will be returned to the start position.
The briefcase MUST then be carried to your team’s flag station. Once there, the briefcase holder may drop a flag. Only a legal holder of the briefcase may drop the flag.
Until the flag for your team has been dropped anyone holding the briefcase MUST USE A SILLY WALK to move.(once you drop the flag you can run you a$$ off).

If a player is shot while holding the briefcase it must be dropped in place. Either team may pick up the briefcase and advance it according to the rules for the Silly Walk.

If a player fails to properly execute the silly walk (referee’s discretion) that player is eliminated and must drop the briefcase in place and respawn.
Once the briefcase has been delivered to a team’s respawn that team will have a significant advantage in the final mission block, or extra points, or a firm handshake and a heartily said “Well Done”, or something else – who knows? This all may be too complicated anyway.

Rules for the Silly Walk:
1) With each step, the foot of the leg leaving the ground must rise above the knee of the leg with the foot on the ground.
2) A players foot (feet) may be raised above the knee in front of the other leg or behind the other leg only two times with successive steps.

What the @%#* does that mean?
I’m so glad you asked! Read on!

Legal Example:
• Step1: right foot raised above the knee forward of leg
• Step2: left foot raised above the knee behind
• Step3: right foot raised above the knee behind
• Step4: left foot raised above the knee forward
A walk that continues in this pattern is legal. Alternating forward and back would also be legal (but more difficult).

Illegal Examples:
• Step1: right foot raised above the knee behind the other leg
• Step2: left foot raised above the knee behind
• Step3: right foot raised above the knee behind
(Illegal – 3 successive steps with foot raised BEHIND the other leg)

• Step1: right foot raised above the knee in front of the other leg
• Step2: left foot raised above the knee in front
• Step3: right foot raised above the knee in front
(Illegal – 3 successive steps with foot raised IN FRONT of the other leg)

• Step1: left foot raised only halfway to knee
(Illegal – foot that leaves the ground must rise above other knee)

YES – to answer your question, you WILL look silly and absurd when performing this walk. You will be a slow-moving goofy-looking target. That is why we put it in the game. We are sadistic bastards who enjoy burdening you with complex rules and laughing at you.

This walk will be demonstrated before the mission block by Sir Loin of Pork; Paul (you ain’t seen nothin’ like the mighty) Quinn.

Other warped additions to this game:

Bring Out Your Dead!
A cart will rove the field being pushed by a neutral party (referee)during mission block #1. While the chant of “BRING OUT YOUR DEAD” is audible the cart will be an active respawn for any eliminated player. If the chant is not audible the respawn cannot be used. IMPORTANT: if two opposing players respawn at the same time they [i]may not[/i] reengage each other until they have moved out of each other’s range/sight. The referee attending the wheelbarrow will be the final authority.

Coconut Riders:
Each team may elect to have up to 2 “Coconut Riders” in any mission. An “active” coconut rider will consist of two players. One player, the “rider” will wield a marker. The other player, a “squire”, will bang together two coconut halves (or an approved similar device) while they are actively playing as a coconut rider. The squire may not use a marker and the coconuts simultaneously. In addition to their red or blue arm bands, coconut rider players will be identified by white arm bands. So long as the coconut halves are being continuously used – making sound – the rider and squire can only be eliminated by head shot(s). The squire and rider must stay within ~6 feet of each other for protection to apply. Minimum coconut use will be approximately one “clop” per second; referee discretion applies here. If the squire is eliminated the rider loses “protection” and can be eliminated according to normal field rules. If the rider is eliminated the squire also loses head-shot-only protection, and is strongly encouraged to stow the coconuts and pick up his/her marker.

Three Headed Knight:
Each team will be allowed one Three Headed Knight (THK) in one mission block of their choice. The designated players must be declared to referees (quietly) before the mission block where they will be used. The THK will consist of 3 players. They must lock arms for the duration of the time they are in play, and all 3 players must face in the same direction. Only the two players on each end will be allowed to carry and use markers. The THK will have limited vulnerability – they can ONLY be sent to respawn by hitting a target located in the center of the middle players back. Once the THK is eliminated all three players must go to respawn. (no, they don’t have to link arms on the way…) In the event that the 3 players become “disconnected” and their arms are not locked (one of the players trips, or has to service a marker or wipe a mask) the other players must stay where they are and may NOT use any markers. Failure to follow these restrictions will result in all 3players being sent to respawn.

A key focus is always on having as much fun as humanly possible. We strive to provide a “level playing field” for the people in attendance. To this end, the referees / game administrators reserve the right to alter any aspects of the game deemed necessary to adjust for player numbers, unforeseen events or conditions, game flow or any other reasons that may arise.

Did anyone ask for this? Well, no, not really. I didn’t get to see it last year so I may write it back in before game day.

There WILL be a few other surprises, possibly something no one expects, or not, because now you expect it.

Pre-Registration For ‘Quest For The Holy Grail’ On May 3rd Now Open!


Pre-Registration is now open for our second Big Game of the 2014 Season, The ‘Quest For The Holy Grail’ on May 3rd! With Pre-Registration you receive an Official Event T-Shirt for FREE! They will be for sale at the event for $15.00 (or $5.00 for Season Pass holders) in extremely limited quantities, so be sure to guarantee yourself one today by Pre-Registering! Shirts will no longer be made after the event concludes.


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Here at Albany Xtreme Sports Park we have assembled a team of All-Stars from the 518 region as part of a new organization to be started out of the field. Our first event will be the Woodsball World Cup on May 31st – June 1st down at Paintball Sports Inc. in Highland, NY in a goal to bring the Cup back to the 518!

1. Mike Mizejewski
2. Chris Tucci
3. Scott Caputo
4. Carlo Cibelli
5. Tim Stapleton
6. Aaron Tress
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8. Nick Rodino
9. Anthony Moreno
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11. Matt Jones

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‘Quest for the Holy Grail’ Big Game on May 3rd


Albany Scenario Club and The Sandbaggers Paintball team presents the 2014 Quest for the Holy Grail on May 3rd.

Pre-Registration with FREE Event T-Shirt Opens April 14th.

The event will be a Saturday event but we will be offering a ‘weekend pass’ for all participants which includes…

Friday Night Open Play 4:00 PM – Dark

Saturday’s Quest for the Holy Grail 

Sunday Open Play


Weekend Pass: $30.00

‘Quest for the Holy Grail’ Only: $25.00

Camping will be available on site and will be FREE for Friday and Saturday night!

Friday and Saturday nights we will also be having Player Parties for all those camping out or whoever would like to participate, all are welcome and more details to come.

As always G.I. Sportz Paintballs will be available for purchase for $45.00 OR you can bring your own paint!

More details of the event will be available soon, stay tuned to the website or ‘Like’ us on facebook at…

Join Us The Weekend of March 28th – 30th For Our 2014 Season Kick-Off Event


Help us kick off the 2014 Season with us with this special Grand Opening event featuring:

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We’ll be open for Open Play for every weekend after this Kick-Off Party!

*wristbands must be kept on for the entire weekend for weekend passes
*weekend passes are not refundable and nontransferable

Our Newest Expansion: Albany Xtreme Sports Park


Here at Albany Scenario Club for the 2014 season we are striving to bring the most fun, exciting, and safe time possible giving you guys the tools to create memories that will last a life time. Even in only the last few months we have added more than a few things to help give the players the best experience possible, and now we have one of the most exciting and one of the bigger changes: Albany Xtreme Sports Park.

For the 2014 season we have a lot of things planned that we want to add to the field, not only on the scenario and woodsball side but also in other aspects of the sport, as well as other extreme sports. This expansion called for growth, thus Albany Scenario Club will become a Club of Albany Xtreme Sports Park LLC.

We want to reassure our players in no way will we be getting rid of the Albany Scenario Club name or logo. Season Passes will remain the same for this year and same price for future years, (including lifetime and volunteer), and the pricing structure will not change. This expansion actually gives us more options to create affordable Paintball options to the players so you guys can have the most fun as possible for the best price.

As the field continues to grow, further Clubs will be added to Albany Xtreme Sports Park.


We hope this to be the next chapter in Paintball for the 518 and surrounding areas and we are excited about what we can bring to you guys to make the 2014 season the best one yet. Stay tuned to the Albany Scenario Club facebook page, and go check out the new Albany Xtreme Sports Park facebook page at for information on our ’2014 Kick-Off Event’, which will be your last chance to get your hands on a 2014 ASC Season Pass!


The Rebel Alliance Falls During The Battle of Hoth


What an AWESOME day! About 250 turned out in total, with gorgeous weather, GI Sportz Paintball‘s shooting amazing, and the battle going back and fourth all day long with a big Imperial win. What an epic way to start the season.

Although with the awesome turn out at the big game, we will NOT BE OPEN FEBRUARY 23RD due to lack of interest and the heavy snow still covering most of the field. We at ASC have determined that we will take the rest of the winter weekend by weekend, depending on the weather, and continue to announce which weekends we may or may not be open at and on the website at Spring time and more stable and warmer weather will give us a chance to make a more definitive schedule, including being open on weekdays.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped out this weekend and we will be announcing our next big game later this week. Hint: …You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest… WITH… A HERRING!

Pre-registration with FREE Official Event T-Shirt for the ‘Battle of Hoth’ Now Open


hothshirtFor the Battle of Hoth we’ll be offering FREE Official Event T-Shirts for everyone that Pre-Registers for the event! That’s right, for the same $25.00 if you pre-register you will be given the Official Event T-Shirt the day of the event. The shirt will be in extremely limited quanities and not many will be on sale at the event, so guarantee yourself one now by pre-registering! No more shirts will be made once the event concludes.


At the Event: $15.00  (while supplies last)

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VIP 2014 Season Pass Holders: FREE with attendance

*prices to not include NYS sale tax

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*it is not possible to pre-order paint at this time
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